This Is What My Students Are Saying – REVIEWS



  1. Christine White
  2. Gayl Barton
  3. Mandie M
  4. Rebecca De Podolinsky
  5. Sophia Steger, Creative Director, Designer The Hatchery Collective
  6. Eve Close
  7. Stacey Ann Mcqueen
  8. Danny
  9. Lucy Bransom

    Thanks, Lucy Bransom 

  10. Steph
  11. Justine Melville
  12. Rebecca Myers

    Thank you Jeanette for a very enjoyable 5 weeks, I hope to be back if you do another flush stone setting course.

  13. Melissa
  14. Paul Cacioli
  15. Joanna Harrison
  16. Sylvia Ballerini

    I highly recommend Jeanette’s workshops/private lessons.

  17. Renee D'Amore
  18. Sian Healy

    She was also very helpful in suggesting suppliers and places to find the tools I need to get started at a decent price. I will be back!

  19. Jeanette Power
  20. Rachel Saunders
  21. Gabby Simmonds - Handmade Resin Jewellery

    I knocked on the door at Jeanette's studio just before 10am and was greeted with a beautiful gentle English voice. Phew, I had been nervous about spending a day with somebody I'd never met before but I instantly felt comfortable.
    There was so much to look at in Jeanette's studio and I think I could've just spent a whole day fossicking around all of her bits and pieces. 
    What I did learn is that making jewellery is really, really hard work mentally and physically. I went there expecting to learn it all in a day and I got a very big wake up call.   I worked with a master jeweller who had the patience of a million saints and made me feel welcome and comfortable working at my own pace throughout the day.  By the time I finished just before 6pm, my brain and my body were sore.  I am so absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the day.  
    I need to learn so much more and could probably spend the next 12 months full time working with Jeanette and still not know nearly enough.
    Can't wait to spend more time at Montsalvat. Total RESPECT to all of the amazing jewellers out there.

  22. Jasmin Pianezzi