Gift vouchers can be used towards any jewellery making class listed on my website.
Your can purchase a Gift Voucher for any value.
Gift vouchers are a great way to give a class as a gift when you are unsure of which class to choose.
If you would like a personalised gift voucher to be emailed to you, once you have made your purchase, please then send an email to Jeanette at stating the name of the person you would like on the voucher.
Please note that gift vouchers are none refundable and are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
For Gift Voucher Recipients
When you are ready to book a class using your gift voucher.  Please email the details of your class to Jeanette at and I will organise a place for you in the class.
You can add $ value to your voucher or use part of the $ value.  The remainder $ value will be available for you to book at any time, as long as your voucher is within its expiry date.